Comic Life

How to Create a Comic in Comic Life

Creating a comic with Comic Life is a simple 5-step process.

Step 1

Select a template for your new page. There are over 200 templates in categories such as comics from the 40's, 60's and 80's, manga, graphic novels, and euro comics. Or, you can create your own layout by dragging panels anywhere you want them.

Step 2

Add digital images from iPhoto, other disks or a connected digital camera. You can drag and drop images from the interface of Comic Life (from your iPhoto library or any connected disk), or you can drag items directly from the Finder into Comic Life. If you'd like to capture images directly from a camcorder or camera, such as an iSight, you can use the capture feature of Comic Life and create your comic with images you grab on the fly.
Dragging an image onto a panel will put the image into the panel and crop it so the shortest dimension of the image matches the shortest dimension of the panel. You can adjust the panel size/shape separately from the image's size.

Step 3

Select a style/filter for digital images. You can leave your images in their unfiltered state, but Comic Life's built-in filters and styles give you some very cool control over how 'comicy' your comic looks. If you don't like the pre-defined styles, you can enter your own filter settings to get that perfect look.

Don't overlook the fact that you can draw your own images (on the computer, or on paper and scan them in) and then include them in your comic once they are in a digital format.

Step 4

Add text containers and text. Just like almost everything else in Comic Life, adding text is a simple drag and drop process. The text containers at the bottom of the window provide you with different text presentations.

Drag a container into your page and enter your text. If you have a balloon selected, you can drag the tail to associate the speech or thought with a particular character in an image. Additional tails can be added for more than one speaker at a time. Other text containers have options for styles and effects to enhance the text. The controls allow you to stretch, scale, skew, colorize, outline, shade and too many other options to list. The pre-defined options are numerous and individual controls let you take them further.

Nothing says WOW like...

Step 5

Save (frequently) and export to your format of choice. Your export decisions will be based on what you intend to do with the comic when you're done. Comic Life has several export options that allow you to share your work in digital or paper/printed form. The HTML export creates an interface that allows users to 'flip' through your comic page-by-page. Exporting to an album in iPhoto lets you build a quality book and then have it printed by Kodak. (If you're not using iPhoto for that by now, you better look into it!)